Hampton Roads needs public transit that makes sense for today. We want to create a better regional bus system. After 20 years with bus routes and services that haven’t changed much, it’s time for a fresh look at what changes should be made. Buses are important to the overall transportation network. Even if you never ride the bus, chances are you rely on someone who does. Buses connect workers to jobs, customers to businesses, students to education and workforce training opportunities, and enable many other important trips. While the region’s main bus system hasn’t changed much over the years, a lot of other things have changed. There are more people and more jobs. New technologies and new commuting options like Uber and Lyft are growing. There are new destinations people need to get to. By 2040 the region’s population is expected to reach 2 million. It’s important for the bus system to evolve to meet the demands of current and future customers. We have a lot of good data to help design a better bus system. We need more, however. Give us your feedback. Tell us what you want. What’s working? What needs to change? What are your priorities for a better bus system? This Project is about your future bus system.